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The Ship Preservation Fund

Renovation of Mira III in collaboration with the Ship Conservation Fund

It is a big task to keep a more than a hundred-year-old wooden ship in good condition.

We are fortunate that Mira III has been declared worthy of preservation and that the Ship Preservation Foundation has entered into a partnership with us to preserve her. This means that the Ship Preservation Foundation helps us financially and contributes with all the knowledge they possess so that we can renovate Mira so that she remains seaworthy and regains her characteristic and historical expression.

It is our goal to make Mira healthier, stronger and more original in her expression every year, so that she is constantly getting better and more beautiful.

So far, we have renovated the entire aft end of the ship, replaced the frames and beam walls at the front on the port side. In winter 2023/2024, we will continue with load-bearing parts under the salon.

Every year we also replace some of the planks in the bottom, so that the ship is always tight and seaworthy and in good maintenance condition.