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Join a spectacular whale watching tour with the tourboat Mira III in the unique Nature park Lillebælt

Enjoy the tranquility of the sea and the beautiful landscape during this captivating boat trip through the narrow waters of Lillebelt. Feel the excitement when the small whales “the porpoises” come to the surface to breathe or a seal look at us with its big dark eyes like a mermaid in the sea

Feel Tranquility, Excitement and Presence

Few places in the world you can experience such a dense population of porpoises as in Lillebaelt During the past 5 years we have seen porpoises on 99,7% of our tours.

The story of Mira lll

Mira III was built at Frederikssund Shipyard in 1915 and sailed under the name Expres as a passenger ferry on Meyer’s coastal route on Øresund.

In addition to sailing on Lillebaelt, Mira III has also sailed for the Copenhagen Port Authority, for the Danish Defense Forces with sailings to Copenhagen’s island forts and as a route boat on the Aarhus Bay. In Aarhus, Mira III got its current name.

Initially, the boat was equipped with a two-cylinder steam engine. In 1924, Mira III got a Munktell petrol engine, which it sailed with until 1938, when it got a two-cylinder Vølund 65 HP glow engine. In 2004, Mira III got the engine that the boat sails with today, a six-cylinder Albin diesel engine.

Renovation of Mira III in collaboration with the Ship Conservation Foundation

It is a big task to keep a more than one hundred-year-old wooden ship in good condition.

We are fortunate that Mira III has been declared worthy of preservation and that the Ship Preservation Foundation has entered into a partnership with us to preserve her. This means that the Ship Preservation Foundation helps us financially and contributes with all the knowledge they possess so that we can renovate Mira so that she remains seaworthy and regains her characteristic and historical expression.

It is our goal to make Mira healthier, stronger and more original in her expression every year, so that she is constantly getting better and more beautiful.

So far, we have renovated the entire aft end of the ship, replaced the frames and beam walls at the front on the port side. In winter 2023/2024, we will continue with load-bearing parts under the salon.

Every year we also replace some of the planks in the bottom, so that the ship is always tight and seaworthy and in good maintenance condition.

Frequently asked questions

Yes – you are welcome to bring your dog on board. There is a separate ticket for dogs for DKK 50 per dog.

Yes – there is a toilet on board, but the toilet facilities in the harbor are much better, so it is recommended to use the toilets in the toilet building in the harbor before or after sailing.

Yes – You can do that. On board we can accept payment in cash and by card. However, it is recommended to contact us in advance so that you are sure that we are sailing on the day in question and that there is room for you.

There is a wide staircase with 4 steps down to the ship.

We often have people with mobile disabilities on board, and are happy to lend a hand or an arm if needed.

You can have a light wheelchair on board if you can get it down the 4 wide steps yourself, or you have a couple of helpers who can lift it.

Heavy wheelchairs cannot come on board.

Yes, you can, but we would like to know in advance, as it takes up 2 seats if it is to be used during the trip. Folded together, we can more easily find a place for it.

Yes, you are very welcome to do so. If you have set off without catering, it is also possible to buy drinks on board at reasonable prices – just ask the crew.

Yes, a small selection of drinks can be purchased – just ask the crew.

We have life jackets for everyone on board. They are not to be worn while we are sailing unless an emergency arises. In that case, you must follow the crew’s instructions.

However, the life jackets are rather clumsy and intended for an emergency situation, and the children tend to be more restless with the life jacket on than without. A life jacket is not necessary as long as you follow the crew’s safety instructions.

The ship is not a climbing paradise, although the interior may well invite you to do so. Keep an eye on your child during the entire trip and do not lift them up when you stand at the railing.

Occasionally, fast boats and ships pass by, causing the ship to rock, and we would hate to see anyone fall off the ship.

If your child has difficulty seeing. And if you want to be right up close to the water, we recommend standing on the deck next to the wheelhouse, where there are no benches. Here even small children can get very close to the water without danger of falling overboard.

The boat is allowed for up to 65 passengers It gets a bit crowded with 65 people onboard though, so we usually prefer around 45 to 55 guests at a time.

If you have any further questions feel free to ask us.