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This photo shows Mira III sometime in the 1950-ies, when she was active as a passenger ferry between Aarhus & Skoedshoved Photo:Stamps.dk

Mira's Story

Mira III was built at Frederikssund Shipyard in 1915 and sailed under the name Expres as a passenger ferry on Meyer’s coastal route on Øresund.

In addition to sailing on Lillebaelt, Mira III has also sailed for the Copenhagen Port Authority, for the Danish Defense Forces with sailings to Copenhagen’s island forts and as a route boat on the Aarhus Bay. In Aarhus, Mira III got its current name.

Initially, the boat was equipped with a two-cylinder steam engine. In 1924, Mira III got a Munktell petrol engine, which it sailed with until 1938, when it got a two-cylinder Vølund 65 HP glow engine. In 2004, Mira III got the engine that the boat sails with today, a six-cylinder Albin diesel engine.

As early as 1966, Mira III came to Middelfart, where it has since been used for cruises on the Litllibaelt. Mira III is the one of Middelfart’s tour boats that has the longest history of touring from Middelfart, and many of the town’s residents have had family gatherings and celebrated anniversaries on board.

Renovation in collaboration with the Ship Conservation Foundation

Renovation/restoring in collaboration with the Ship Conservation Foundation

It is a big task to keep a more than one hundred-year-old wooden ship in good condition.

We are fortunate that Mira III has been declared worthy of preservation and that the Ship Preservation Foundation has entered into a partnership with us to preserve her. They help us economically and with all the knowledge they posess, so we can keep Mira III seaworthy and work on bringing her closer to the caracteristic and historical looks she once had.

It is our goal to make Mira healthier, stronger and more original in her expression every year, so that she is constantly getting better and more beautiful.

The entire rear end, half of the bearing construction under the salon and a large part of the port side in the front have been restored so far.

Every year we paint and exchange a couple of planks in an effort to maintain the ship to keep her safe and strong