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Ash scattering

Mira III can be ordered to sail out, so you can scatter the ashes of the deceased at sea.

Lowering the urn at sea, scattering ashes, scattering ashes at sea, scattering ashes. There are many names, but regardless of what you choose to call it, it is a very beautiful way to say the last goodbye to your loved ones.

We will sail out and scatter the ashes at a place designated by you (within the rules regarding the distance from land) or we can be helpful in choosing a good place, so that you subsequently have a place on land where you can go and remember the deceased.

When we arrive at the site, we ring the ship’s bell 3 times, lower the flags to half-mast and scatter the ashes. If you wish, you can give a speech for the deceased, play a piece of music, sing a song or something else that makes your ceremony personal. If you want to scatter flowers for the deceased, they should be flower heads or petals. Both because it looks most beautiful on the water, but also so that stretcher bouquets, wreaths etc. do not drift ashore.

When ashes and flowers are strewn over the water, the ship sails a few times in a circle around the site. The bell ends with three strikes and the flags are raised again.

It is possible to bring food if you want to use the trip for a bite of bread, beer or the like.

If you have special wishes or need guidance, we are happy to help and do what we can to set the framework and make the last journey a good experience.