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Delight someone you care about and give a gift card as a gift!

Buy your gift card here!
Delight someone you care about and give a gift card as a gift!

Porpoise in the Little Belt
The population of porpoises in the Little Belt is one of the densest in the world. We enjoy this on our whale safaris, where there is a very high probability of meeting the small whales.
On the tour, there is a story about the behavior and life of the guinea pigs in the Little Belt.

The route is not completely planned in advance. But we guarantee that we sail under at least one of the Lillebæltsbridges, and we make an effort to read the current conditions and sail according to where we tend to meet the most porpoises in relation to the given conditions, and each time we try to take the route that is the most beautiful and with the highest probability of seeing porpoises.

Often we also see seals, and the Lillebælt is one of the few places in Denmark where we see Alke and Lomvier, which are otherwise mostly seen in Northern Scandinavia. Once in a while we meet the Sea Eagle.

The nature in and around the Little Belt is something very special – and has been declared a marine nature national park. There is plenty of nature and many stories here. We probably won’t be able to tell you everything there is to experience here, because it’s also important to just be present and enjoy the trip and nature.

You are very welcome to bring a picnic basket with coffee & cake or drinks and snacks. Welcome aboard the “guinea pig trip”!

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