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Prices and practical information

Private boat Tours:

Contact Skipper Line Jepsen to book a private boat tour on the Lillebaelt Prices for private tours of up to two hours begins at 5900,- kr. After the first two hours we charge only 1200,- DKK per extra hour.

We adapt the tours to your needs.

Whale watching - Tickets for public tours:

If you do not wish to rent the entire boat you can simply buy a ticket for one of our public tours. We usually sail several times every day during the summer period

Ticket price of public tours:

Adults – 255,- DKK pr. person. Children 2-12 years – 175,00,- DKK pr. person

Everyone is welcome onboard and children below the age of 2 years are free of charge.

Dogs are welcome too – we have tickets for dogs at the price of 50,- DKK

Duration: approx. 2 hours


Middelfart Old Harbor, Havnegade 84, 5500 Middelfart. The only place along the quay with a staircase to the boat.


You are welcome to bring food and drinks for your own use.

By agreement, we can also arrange catering for an additional price per envelope depending on the number and wishes.


It can easily get cold on the water, so bring warm and windproof clothing – or a hat and sunscreen, if you are so lucky to have a warm and sunny weather forecast for the trip.


Usually we are ready for boarding about 15 minutes before departure. It is an advantage for everybody if you are ready to board then


In case of bad weather such as heavy rain (light showers is no problem) or strong winds (average windspeed above about 8-9 m/s) we decide if it is possible to make a good and safe trip. Otherwise we cancel the tour and give you your money back. It should be a good experience and a safe trip for everyone.

Subject to cancellation in case of technical problems with the ship, sudden illness of the crew, harsh weather or other conditions that can prevent a safe trip.

Should you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.